Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policies form part of the Legal Notice that has as its purpose the regulation of the use of this Web page that hereinafter will be designated “The Web”, which R&G Espinosa Associates S.A. de C.V., hereinafter known as “R&G”, domiciled at Circuito Guillermo González Camarena número 1450, piso 4, Col Santa Fe, Delegación Álvaro Obregón 01210, México, D.F. makes available to the public at the “uniform resource locator” (URL)
Responsibility for Personal Information
“R&G” maintains a policy of protecting the personal information provided by “The User”, hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data” and as a result, when they are gathered through “The Web”, will be responsible for the use of “Personal Data” according to the use described in the following paragraph:
Use of “Personal Data”
“R&G” could request and/or gather through “The Web” and other media, personal data from “The User”, for commercial use, publication and/or storage by any medium that is understood to be “Treatment” of the “Personal Data”, for the purpose indicated in the following section and as a result, “R&G» and/or any other third party that could participate in any phase of the “Treatment” of the “Personal Data” will maintain confidentiality with respect to the same when it fills this quality according to Mexican Law.
The entry and/or logging through “The Web” and/or by other media implies the full unrestricted consent of “The User” for the “Treatment” of his “Personal Data”.
Personal Data gathered and End Use
The “Personal Data” that “The User” provides at the time of entry and/or registration to the site and/ or other media for the purpose of sending information, performing promotions and sale, and could include enunciatively but not limited to the following:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Message provided by “The User” and addressed to “R&G”

In the event this information is unavailable, “R&G” will be unable to send you the information.

Media to limit the use or revelation of personal data
“R&G” relies upon physical, technical and administrative security measures for protection of “Personal Data” provided by the users.
If “The User” wants to discontinue receiving promotional messages by electronic mail and/or printed media and/or telephonically from “R&G”, you may request it at the following email,; or by telephone at (+52 55) 24570874.
Transfer of personal data
“R&G” could reveal, divulge and/or transfer within and without the country “Personal Data” provided by “The User” to a third party. Third parties that receive information related to the “Personal Data” belonging to “The User” are obliged to comply with what is foreseen in this privacy notice as well as with the terms and conditions of “The Web” and Mexican Law.
According to the above, the owner of the “Personal Data” provided through “The Web” accepts the transfer of the same in the terms described in the current legal notice.
Means to exercise the ownership right of the “Personal Data” and revocation of consent.
As of January 6, 2012, the users can request the exercise of rights to:

  • Access to “Personal Data”
  • Correction of your “Personal Data” when inexact or incomplete
  • Cancel your “Personal Data”
  • Legitimate opposition to management of your “Personal Data”; and/or
  • Revocation of your consent to use your “Personal Data” at any time in order to discontinue their use.
Exercise of “ARCO Rights” (Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition) for “Personal Data» and revocation of consent “The User” performs.
The exercise of “ARCO Rights” must be undertaken by prior request to “R&G” and must contain at least the following:

  • Name of the owner, address and electronic mail to communicate the response to your request.
  • The documents establishing the identity or if such be the case, the legal representation of the owner.
  • The clear and precise description of the “Personal Data” with respect to which you wish to exercise any of the previously-cited rights (in the event of rectification the changes to be made and provide the supporting documentation for the request).
  • Any other element or document that facilitates the localization of the personal data.

For effect of the above, “R&G” makes available to “The Users” the following electronic mail:

“R&G” will respond to the user request within a period not greater than 15 working days beginning on the date it receives the corresponding request through the electronic mail provided for this purpose.

“The User’s” exercise of the previously-stated right must be subject to the laws and regulations in effect in Mexico.

Sensitive Personal Data
“Sensitive Personal Data” is understood to be that which may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, current and future state of health, genetic information, religious, philosophical or moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions and sexual preferences.

In the event “R&G” should require “Sensitive Personal Data” from “The User”, they shall be provided by expressed consent.

Changes to this privacy notice
“R&G” reserves the right at any time to modify the contents of this privacy notice. Any change in the privacy notice will be notified to the “The User” via “The Web”.
This privacy notice takes effect automatically the moment of its publication. The last date of update is April 15, 2012.