Hospitality Industry Risk Handling Unit

R&G Espinosa has created a specialized independent unit for the risks inherent to the Hospitality Industry by integrating management, control and adjustment services for each case. This business unit is strategically located in Cancun, Mexico.

From this Unit that receives technical support from the Financial Lines and General Liability Division integral Risk analysis is performed on the general liability Risks for the Hospitality Industry proposing efficient solutions from the claims handling point of view and from risk mitigation for locally occurring events with local and global claims.

Our team’s experience in the management of these claims has strengthened our service enabling the handling of the adjustment from the technical aspect such as analysis of the risk for the purpose of recommending the Insured execute actions for risk mitigation for future loss. Offering to our clients in these cases, among other the following services:

  • Teamwork in conjunction with the Insured.

  • Constant conversation with the personnel in charged of the loss management locally.
  • Orientation as to what should be done in case of a Loss event.
  • Delivery of Procedures Manuals including attention and statements forms.
  • Creation of incidents statistics including causes, area of occurrence, age and sex of affected parties (for the U.S. the additional information on State is also detailed).
  • High-level communication with the insured to report on risk threats, compliance omissions on construction or Civil Protection regulations to attend and control risk allowing a decrease in vulnerability.
  • Preparation of Bordereaux and Composite Reports updated monthly and reviewed with the Insurer, Insured and Brokers.

The above allows for efficient control for each claim from the moment the case is assigned to the Company. This includes participation with the Insured in the negotiation with the affected party and due follow-up whether domestically or overseas when the affected party decides to return to his or her country without releasing the Insured of Liability. This avoids involving outside legal counsel and the associated costs.