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CAT in Brazil

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Remediation and Recovery; Tools to minimize losses

Part2. Adjusting machinery-related claims. Article written by Engineers Ernesto Bodenheimer and Gustavo Medina. P2-Articulo-Saneamiento-y-recuperaciónDescarga
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Adjusting machinery-related claims

Part 1. Article written by Engineer Ernesto Bodenheimer (R&G Espinosa Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay y Bolivia) in collaboration with Engineer Gustavo...
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Independence Day is commemorated every 14th and 15th day of May in Paraguay. That date in 1811 - 35 years after the US independence - the country became the second independent nation in the New World. Paraguayan families gather on the Día de la Independencia Nacional, and enjoy eating barbecues, drinking mate from calabash gourds, and dancing traditional music. We join our team in Paraguay to commemorate this celebration.

Paraguay is a country where we operate with our business partner IBA Latinoamerica SRL: Ingeniero Bodenheimer y Asociados. For any claim-related adjusting service or request, please contact us by email at contacto@rygespinosa.com

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Many losses are caused by fire-related events, not only on the property directly affected but also have an impact on nearby properties, thus generating an even greater and unexpected effect. It is particularly important for us to have a Team that can handle such large and complex claims under international standards and local knowledge. We share below some before and after images of a claim adjusted by our business partners.

R&G Espinosa has the capacity of handling claims in Dominican Republic; if you are interested in hiring our services for large and complex claims, contact us to DomRepClaims@rygespinosa.com
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