Update on Hurricane Matthew.
Even though the storm weakened overnight, it is still a category three hurricane with sustained winds of 120mph (193km/h) and is bearing down on the US east coast. Hurricane Matthew roiled along the central coast of Florida Friday but avoided making a direct hit. The storm caused the deaths of more than 280 people in Haiti.
At 8 a.m., the western edge of the hurricane’s center was about 45 miles east-southeast of Daytona Beach, Fla., and moving north-northwest at about 13 m.p.h. Gusts of more than 100 m.p.h. were reported near Cape Canaveral as the eye wall approached that area.
President Barack Obama has declared a State of Emergency in Florida and thousands of people have been evacuated from the states of Georgia and the Carolinas.
The storm is to hit central and northern coastal Florida this Friday afternoon as It moves towards the coast of Georgia. Two million people up and down Florida had been ordered to evacuate, and some 3,500 members of the National Guard — half of the state’s contingent — had been activated.