As of right now Hurricane Matthew (category 4) holds winds up to 140-mph. This brings a high potential for destruction in Haiti and other islands as it moves north through the Caribbean Sea.

Latest reports on the phenomenon say southwestern Dominican Republic could expect up to 25 inches of rain with isolated downpours of 40 inches. Southeastern Bahamas, the east of Cuba and some parts of Haiti could see up to a foot of rainfall.

There is hurricane warning emitted for Jamaica, Haiti and the east of Cuba according to the National Hurricane Center.
Forecast predicts the storm will remain with the same strength until early Wednesday.

«On the forecast track, the center of Matthew will approach southwestern Haiti tonight, move near eastern Cuba late Tuesday, and move near or over portions of the southeastern and central Bahamas Tuesday night and Wednesday. This rainfall will likely produce life-threatening flash floods and mudslides. Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion,» the latest National Hurricane Center advisory says.

We will stay alert to any reports and changes on this matter.